What We Do

What We Do

We are a grassroots organisation founded in October 2019.  Our Volunteers come from a wide range of backgrounds and bring a valuable range of skills and attributes to the organisation. All our volunteers are committed to supporting the needs of homeless, vulnerable people and families. Our volunteers donate many hours of their time to volunteering. 

We believe that both personal and paid work experience can be used to support service users.   

We understand homelessness can happen to anyone. However with support, empathy and direction, individuals and families are able to turn their lives around.  

We provide meals to the vulnerable and homeless.

Every week we provide meals  to vulnerable families and the homeless throughout  city of Glasgow, South and North Lanarkshire.

Our volunteers 

are always willing to listen to anyone that needs to talk about their  problems and difficulties or  lend  a sympathetic ear.  Then they can be  signposted to the appropriate  agencies for advice and  support.

Throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic 

Our volunteers have been distributing masks, hand sanitisers and emergency items to help anyone sleeping rough to stay safe

We give our volunteers lifesaving medical training

Our volunteers take part in Naloxone Training, Drug Awareness, Alcohol Awareness, Addiction Awareness and First Aid.  

We help people at risk of homelessness 

through no fault of their own, many people find themselves living in temporary or unsuitable accommodation.

Everyone deserves to have somewhere to call home and receive the support required to enable them to keep their home. We aim to prevent homelessness at its source by helping people at risk with access to food and pointing people in the direction of other relevant services.

We aim to work with over 32 local authorities

We deal with more than 40 referrals per day from local authorities all over Scotland.

We provide hygiene packs to those on the streets

Each week we provide over 70 hygiene packs to people sleeping rough on the streets.

We reduce food waste while feeding the homeless

Though our relationships and support from companies such as Aldi, Lidl, and Greggs, we are able to get perishable goods to those in need.

We work to prevent child poverty with Cash for Kids

In collaboration with cash for kids, we have provided vouchers to the vale of £35 to families suffering from poverty allowing then to purchase food and essential Items.

Access to emergency food Provisions 

We supply an emergency food parcel.

Access to Emergency Gas/Electric 

We provide emergency Gas/Electric in ex stream circumstances  

Emergency Provision of cloths 

We provide emergency cloths for people to choose from to keep them warm and have a change of cloths.

Advocacy Service 

We will speak to other organisations and charitys on behalf of the service user for example – Casework Team, Social Work, Police

Our out reach service

Delivering food and essential items to people on the streets this is our walk about service where we dispatch 4 teams to the streets to look for vulnerable people and rough sleepers.

Support Service 

We offer support to service users on the street based on there needs, Physical/Mental health needs.

24hr Support Line 

We are lunching our 24hr support line for people who need that little bit extra support.

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