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Donate Stuff We Need

Helping the Homeless

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our focus has been entirely on our response to this particularly challenging time for the people we support across Scotland.

We have launched a #covid-winter appeal. By donating through our Local Giving Page, we can purchase exactly what people need. This includes:

Mobile Phones

As a Support Network we need to be able to keep in contact with people without always being there face to face. We use cheap phones these allow others to can call us on our 24hr FREE phone number and we can keep in touch with them. The cost is only £15, including a £10 top up. But we NEED at least 200, so suddenly the cost is £3,000.
We are asking for donations of cash for top ups and purchase of phones. Donations of any unlocked phones would be greatly appreciated. to buy a mobile CLICK HERE 

Personal Hygiene

The Hotels and hostels we deliver to don’t have what our service users need such as toothbrushes and toothpaste, sanitary products, comb/brush, razor/foam, body spray or aftershave, hair bobbles/scrunchy, nail clippers and deodorant.

Comfort Foods

We’re lucky in that many people donate food, ensuring people don’t go hungry. However, what we’d like to do is ensure that those in homeless accommodation have snacks and nibbles that can help them stay safe and comfortable. What we’re short of is kettle food, noodles, porridge pots and soups together with snack bars, biscuits and protein bars. People always like a little simple comfort food.

Sleeping Bags (NEW)

Sleeping bags are very important. We need them to provide those who are sleeping rough with a sense of comfort and gives people a bed for the night if they have to sleep on the street.


We need hand sanitizer to provide our vulnerable friends on the street with sanitizer to keep them safe and try and help them keep safe from coronavirus.

Foil Blankets

We need foil blankets to hand out to our most vulnerable people on the streets of Scotland to help them stay warm, to reduce the risk of their body temperature dropping during the cold winter nights.

Hats and Gloves

We need hats, gloves & snoods to give to homeless people to keep them warm over winter.

Please help us get the things we need to help those less fortunate and vulnerable.
Please help us give to the people in need this winter.