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Aims and Values

Our Aims

As a charity we aim to help end rough sleeping and homelessness in Scotland. Through our work we we will support our services users who are experiencing hardship by ensuring they have sufficient food, clothing and toiletries to live as comfortably as possible.

We seek to work with local and national businesses to provide the necessary support that is required. We will also ensure that our Volunteers are appropriately trained whilst we also strive to inspire others care and help make a difference in our communities


We have, and always will, strive to end homelessness in Scotland.
Our volunteers will continue to grow in strength and in numbers to achieve this.
 We will work tirelessly to build our reputation within Scotland.

What we believe

Our organisation was founded in October 2019 after we identified the lack of  support for homeless people. We firmly believe that through support and contact with the right agencies, everyone has the opportunity to turn their life around.

What we provide

We provide emergency items such as sleeping bags, warm clothing, toiletries and hot food, from our mobile soup kitchen. We also provide a listing ear for  those people who need to chat. In addition, we provide food to vulnerable families.

Our Values

Homeless Project Scotland will keep building on our reputation by continuing to support and guide anyone who needs help to a safe environment and will always only be a phone call away if and when further help is required.

Our Values


It costs nothing, but means everything to someone who feels alone and vulnerable.


We make sure we are present on time and the same place every day. The homeless and vulnerable need to have reliability in their life to receive the best support possible.


Our Volunteers pride themselves on being friendly at all times. Volunteers appreciate the importance of making users feel valued and cared for at all times.


We are a registered charity with OSCR. Charity Number SC050207. Thus we are accountable to the public and the regulator at all times.


We pride ourselves on being inclusive. Everyone is treated equally.


We are committed to deliver the highest level of service to all of our service users at all times. Being there to help people focus on building a better future and helping guide them to appropriate agencies to help achieve this.

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