Homeless Project Scotland is a Homeless Charity in Scotland founded in October 2019. We achieved charitable status in June 2020. We are a non-profit organisation operated by a Board of Trustees in order to help the homeless and vulnerable in Scotland.

Our purpose is to feed and provide support to homeless and vulnerable people. We also act as a trusted voice for the homeless and It is vital that we have integrity. We aim to be effective, efficient, independent and trustworthy. Our approach is to listen, learn, act and then speak.

We support homeless and vulnerable people and families in Scotland by working alongside partners and supporting people who need our help.

What We Do

We provide on average over 130,000 meals to the homeless & vulnerable each year!

Feeding our Homeless

Our Soup Kitchen

At the end of 2019 via a grassroots crowdfunding movement we built our first mobile soup kitchen. Our kitchen takes help directly to those in need.

Feeding our Homeless

Meals for the Homeless

Each week we provide on average 2500 meals to the homeless and families via our mobile soup kitchen and directly to hostels.

Assisting the Homeless

Homeless Advice

We aim to prevent homelessness at its source by providing help to people at risk. We give advice on how to access food and other services.

Volunteer Training

Lifesaving Medical Training

All of our street team volunteers have undergone life saving first aid and Naloxone training.

Improving Hygiene

Hygiene Packs

Each week we provide over 70 hygiene packs to people sleeping rough on the streets.

Reducing Waste

Reducing Food Waste

Major companies like Aldi, Lidl, and Greggs generously donate food that we distribute to the homeless and vulnerable. This in turn reduces food waste.

Feeding our Homeless

Local Authorities

We take more than 40 referrals per day from local authorities all over Scotland.


Cash for Kids

We work in collaboration with Cash For Kids to provide help to families suffering in poverty.


Donations for our work

Living on the streets exposes people to a greater risk of violence and abuse. We rely on your donations to reduce this and keep our homeless friends safe.

Every donation you give makes a REAL difference to our work in supporting the most vulnerable and over looked members of our society.

Work With

From small local to multi-national organisations. We are extremely grateful for the generosity of all of our supporters big and small.

If you would like to support us please contact us.


By contributing you will help someone manage with their homelessness. Donating time, by volunteering, or material items or meals, through financial donations, you can guarantee someone in Scotland will be very grateful.

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